Monday, January 11, 2010

Thoughts on Cavs season thus far

LeBron and tha Cavs r doin their thing right now!!! Thats what alot of people seem to be thinking right now. While I do applaud the teams antics I do not think they are playing the basketball that they could be. Last year tha Cavaliers finished the season with tha leagues best record (39-2). Despite being knocked out of the playoffs by the Orlando Magic in tha conference finals, they were still tha 2nd best team in the NBA and should have played tha Lakers eventually in tha NBA finals.

Another comparison to last years season is the statistics. Our Cavs were not only winning games, they were winning decisively. Smashing teams by 12+ points per night. This year they are struggling to win against the sub par teams as well as losing to some of them. Before tha season started, pre-season predictions went as far as definite contender to the defending powerhouse champion Los Angeles Lakers. Although expectations are still high, it is very easy to hesitate on tha team based on inconsistencies as of late.

That said tha wine and gold are 29-10 so far. The all-star stretch is approaching fast and every team is trying to rack up wins for good position in their respective divisions as well as conferences. As a huge Cavs fan exited for a season that could be ours, I really hope tha James Gang can regroup and play the type of ball we saw last year and BEAT THOSE DAMN LAKERS!!!!


  1. the Cavs are playing well but i definitely agree that they aren't playing as well as they should be. it seems that if Mo Williams is on then the whole team plays better as a whole. and if Lebron is on then it doesn't matter who they play the Cavs will win.

  2. I kno rite?! I mean damn!! Last year was so frustrating. LeBron played magnificent ball n Mo was nowhere to b found in that eastern finals series!! Ur definitely right tho. Wen Mo is playin well it takes so much off of LeBron. He is tha catalyst. That is y we got him right? lol

  3. The cavs need to get it done this year dude. i mean last year we swept past the first two teams like it was nothing and then all of a sudden BAM the Magic's straight bury them. I dont know, I think they should have gotten rid of anderson varejao cause really, i mean really the dude is a waste of space on the cavs bench. Varejao is probably the clumsiest guy in the NBA right now. I mean the dude just got his FIRST 3 pointer in his career.. and shaq..shaq ill leave it at that

  4. Hmmm. My hometown Bulls still don't have a vet presence or a low-post scorer . . .

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