Monday, January 25, 2010

Adversity or just plain luck?

January 23 the Cavs are hosting the Oklahoma City Thunder. It was a great game no doubt about that. LeBron James vs Kevin Durant. This is a must see for Cleveland fans right? But what if you had just learned that there was not going to be no Delante West? You'd be devastated wouldn't you? But wait, there's more. In the nights contest the number 2 jersey for the wine and gold will also not be seeing any action? That's right, Mo Williams, the major support factor for The King. Wat do you think of the chances of coming out with a W knowing that the ballhandle-less Daniel Gibson will likely be starting?

Well apparently, the chances are pretty damn good! Against a young, scrappy, confident Thunder team, without West or Williams, the Wine and Gold found a way to get the job done 100-99. After going from having a 13 point lead going into halftime to being down 1 going into the fourth quarter. Having to deal with Oklahoma City's youthful aggressiveness in a bucket trading game all the way down the stretch, until finally it was clutch time. With the score 99-97 thunder, we know who the ball is goin too. Now did we have ANY clue he was gonna pass it to Daniel Gibson for the big shot?! God no! But he did and sure enough he knocked down that three with 8.7 left. If that wasn't enough how about Bron Bron swatting Durant's last chance shot to seal the game?

Durant did not give any indication that he was steppin' down for Cleveland's king scoring 34 points and snatching 10 boards. This, despite a very strong effort, was not enough matching up with James' 37 and 12 assist.

Thats all fine and dandy. Yea we won, but how much longer can we keep lucking games out? The Cavs have played 3 games without Williams and 2 out 3 of them have been blood battles The all-star break is about here, but there is still plenty of basketball to be played until then. They're really grinding it out as of late after losing Mo whose averaging 17 points per. Together LeBron and Williams put up almost 41 percent of the teams scoring. West is also a delicasy we will miss for as long as hes out. Our Cavs are no doubt on a roll, but I cannot help but wonder how long this will work. So I raise this question....Is what the James gang done as of late powerful examples of adversity, or simply just luck, or a regular run that will stop wenever they run out of gas? Opinions..


  1. I don't follow the Cavs enough to have an educated opinion, but I feel that James is way too big a star not to get an NBA title some day. This may be the year, with the Lakers stumbling as of late.

    Nice post.

  2. Well I got to say the Cavs have pulled off some close games. Without Williams and West I don’t know how they pulled off the win. With Gibson a non starter this year stepped up in a big game and made a shot that helped the team at the right time. This game might have been luck, but they are getting better. Without two point guards that impacts the team and still won against the Thunder. That means a lot. Wait until they get back; it means when they are ready it will help take some of the pressure off the king and it makes them deeper on the bench because when they come back Gibson will be ready to come off the bench and put some points on the board.

  3. Well I have to say first off i'm not much of a basketball fan to really know anything thats going on. So I not to sure what to say. Except that from what you said it looks as though its going to turn out good for the cavs. Soon as they get their guards back they'll be set to go.

    Good luck on the rest of the season for the cavs!