Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kick-off blog post!!!

WAT IS UP PEOPLE!! I'm lookin for all tha Cleveland Cavs fans!! This particular blog will be regarding tha progress of tha them. This includes wats goin on with LeBron and the status of tha other players on tha roster over tha course of tha season. We don't hav a lot to cheer for in Ohio outside our dear OSU Buckeyes so we gotta have somethin else right?! I think tha Cavs are wat we need in that regard. Now obviously there are many sports blogs out there let alone baskeball ones. I hope that somehow a sense of individualistic quality can be found thru excessive conversation and discussion. This particular year we have a couple hot storylines goin on in tha land of tha Q. Is LeBron stayin or leavin? Is Shaq going to be tha last bit of help Cleveland needs to get back to tha Finals and win it? Is LeBron beter than Kobe? I'm definately intersted on what will be said regarding that. But yea lets have some fun and go Cavs!!!

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  1. Okay, Shooter. We'll see how well you can put your on touch on things.

    Work on developing your posts and organizing them into paragraphs.