Monday, January 25, 2010

Adversity or just plain luck?

January 23 the Cavs are hosting the Oklahoma City Thunder. It was a great game no doubt about that. LeBron James vs Kevin Durant. This is a must see for Cleveland fans right? But what if you had just learned that there was not going to be no Delante West? You'd be devastated wouldn't you? But wait, there's more. In the nights contest the number 2 jersey for the wine and gold will also not be seeing any action? That's right, Mo Williams, the major support factor for The King. Wat do you think of the chances of coming out with a W knowing that the ballhandle-less Daniel Gibson will likely be starting?

Well apparently, the chances are pretty damn good! Against a young, scrappy, confident Thunder team, without West or Williams, the Wine and Gold found a way to get the job done 100-99. After going from having a 13 point lead going into halftime to being down 1 going into the fourth quarter. Having to deal with Oklahoma City's youthful aggressiveness in a bucket trading game all the way down the stretch, until finally it was clutch time. With the score 99-97 thunder, we know who the ball is goin too. Now did we have ANY clue he was gonna pass it to Daniel Gibson for the big shot?! God no! But he did and sure enough he knocked down that three with 8.7 left. If that wasn't enough how about Bron Bron swatting Durant's last chance shot to seal the game?

Durant did not give any indication that he was steppin' down for Cleveland's king scoring 34 points and snatching 10 boards. This, despite a very strong effort, was not enough matching up with James' 37 and 12 assist.

Thats all fine and dandy. Yea we won, but how much longer can we keep lucking games out? The Cavs have played 3 games without Williams and 2 out 3 of them have been blood battles The all-star break is about here, but there is still plenty of basketball to be played until then. They're really grinding it out as of late after losing Mo whose averaging 17 points per. Together LeBron and Williams put up almost 41 percent of the teams scoring. West is also a delicasy we will miss for as long as hes out. Our Cavs are no doubt on a roll, but I cannot help but wonder how long this will work. So I raise this question....Is what the James gang done as of late powerful examples of adversity, or simply just luck, or a regular run that will stop wenever they run out of gas? Opinions..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shaq Midterm with the Cavs

So...... it's getting that much closer to the middle of the season (a.k.a all-star weekend). I was just wondering what you guys thought about what The Diesel has done so far. Something like a progress report determined by the fans. Feels like it's been a slow moving season in the NBA but it's had it's moments. Thus far Cleveland hasn't had to bad of road trips or anything like that. Just how much of the success is thanks to O'neal I wonder? Whats your opinion?

Our Cavs are 31-11 @ tha moment and out of those 42 ball games Shaq has played in 36. Personally I think thats amazing considering. He's also started in all 36 ball games as well coming in averaging 10 points and 7 boards. The guy has put up double figures in the point margin in 11 of the last 12 too!! Of course we could use a couple more points from him but when you think about his age and minutes (22.7) I think we have no choice but to call that good production.

Shaq gets my vote for an otherwise constructive 1st half of the season.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Thoughts on Cavs season thus far

LeBron and tha Cavs r doin their thing right now!!! Thats what alot of people seem to be thinking right now. While I do applaud the teams antics I do not think they are playing the basketball that they could be. Last year tha Cavaliers finished the season with tha leagues best record (39-2). Despite being knocked out of the playoffs by the Orlando Magic in tha conference finals, they were still tha 2nd best team in the NBA and should have played tha Lakers eventually in tha NBA finals.

Another comparison to last years season is the statistics. Our Cavs were not only winning games, they were winning decisively. Smashing teams by 12+ points per night. This year they are struggling to win against the sub par teams as well as losing to some of them. Before tha season started, pre-season predictions went as far as definite contender to the defending powerhouse champion Los Angeles Lakers. Although expectations are still high, it is very easy to hesitate on tha team based on inconsistencies as of late.

That said tha wine and gold are 29-10 so far. The all-star stretch is approaching fast and every team is trying to rack up wins for good position in their respective divisions as well as conferences. As a huge Cavs fan exited for a season that could be ours, I really hope tha James Gang can regroup and play the type of ball we saw last year and BEAT THOSE DAMN LAKERS!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kick-off blog post!!!

WAT IS UP PEOPLE!! I'm lookin for all tha Cleveland Cavs fans!! This particular blog will be regarding tha progress of tha them. This includes wats goin on with LeBron and the status of tha other players on tha roster over tha course of tha season. We don't hav a lot to cheer for in Ohio outside our dear OSU Buckeyes so we gotta have somethin else right?! I think tha Cavs are wat we need in that regard. Now obviously there are many sports blogs out there let alone baskeball ones. I hope that somehow a sense of individualistic quality can be found thru excessive conversation and discussion. This particular year we have a couple hot storylines goin on in tha land of tha Q. Is LeBron stayin or leavin? Is Shaq going to be tha last bit of help Cleveland needs to get back to tha Finals and win it? Is LeBron beter than Kobe? I'm definately intersted on what will be said regarding that. But yea lets have some fun and go Cavs!!!