Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shaq Midterm with the Cavs

So...... it's getting that much closer to the middle of the season (a.k.a all-star weekend). I was just wondering what you guys thought about what The Diesel has done so far. Something like a progress report determined by the fans. Feels like it's been a slow moving season in the NBA but it's had it's moments. Thus far Cleveland hasn't had to bad of road trips or anything like that. Just how much of the success is thanks to O'neal I wonder? Whats your opinion?

Our Cavs are 31-11 @ tha moment and out of those 42 ball games Shaq has played in 36. Personally I think thats amazing considering. He's also started in all 36 ball games as well coming in averaging 10 points and 7 boards. The guy has put up double figures in the point margin in 11 of the last 12 too!! Of course we could use a couple more points from him but when you think about his age and minutes (22.7) I think we have no choice but to call that good production.

Shaq gets my vote for an otherwise constructive 1st half of the season.


  1. Why do you find the number of games Shaq has played to be amazing? Is it his age and health, primarily? How has he looked against some of the game's best big men?

  2. Obviously The Diesel isn't the Shaq of old, but he is still causing problems in the paint and is still making teams find alternate ways to score when he's in or make them revert to the infamous hack-a-shaq.