Monday, February 22, 2010

What the f*$k??! 3 Straight losses?

It seems like it was yesterday I was talkin' with my boys about how unstoppable our Cavs were and what 13 straight victories meant for us in the eastern conference. I also have recent fond memories of the result of our trade campaign. "Aww snap, Antawn Jamison in tha house!!!". I remember thinkin that and envisioning LeBron finally getting a championship. It was great!

Then, things started happening: bad things. We loss the first game with Jamison in the lineup. I'm like "Ok, its cool. Just a matter of chemistry."

Game 2 since the trade: We get Mo Williams who as mentioned in earlier post has been out via injury. Things can only keep getting better right? Thats what I was thinking. Nope. A VERY impressioned 110-93 loss got branded on their jerseys against the Charlotte Bobcats (27-26). Jamison went 0-12 from the field. Needless to say, this loss hurt. Again, I believe chemistry is a factor here.

Game 3: If you're a true Cavs fan, you know what a game against the Orlando Magic means nowadays. Jamison showed up this game, blowin' up with 10 points and 8 boards. I don't need to tell you LeBron did his thing, coming up with 33. And yet, we still get the short end of the straw in this one. They do everything right, but lose 101-95 in a heartbreaker.

Three straight losses? Really?! Its so infuriating watching our guys play like this. Inpaticularly in that third game, it seemed as if chemistry was forming, what with having all of the guys out there. I firmly believe that Jamison is the type of talent needed to get to where we want to go. Thet just have to figure out shot distribution and whatever newly formed teams do. What do you think? Thoughts on this recent funk? Jamison's performance? Let's chat!


  1. true the cavs are getting rocked lately but i agree with you. i think chenistry is playing a part of it. since mo just recently got back and some people are still not at 100 so i think they can bring it back

  2. Wow, all signs sure seem to point toward team chemistry. But I dunno. Orlando's a great team, and that oh-fer stinkeroo that Jamison laid up against the Bobcats is had to dismiss as a culprit as well.

    Again, nice post.

  3. Being a Browns fan myself, I feel your pain and completely understand the chemistry thing. It is important for a team to have that great chemistry, but, like my Brownies, it seems to take too long to get with it. Be patient, good things will surely come.