Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stoudemire= Championship??

I gotta say I've really grown tired of this trade deadline talk. Yes I touched on it a little bit, but whats going on in the NBA at the moment is ridiculous. As a NBA fan, I know this is the trade climax of the season and a big part of the season but DAMN!! This little tidbit is about the hype goin around with Amar'e Stoudemire and his involvement with the wine and gold as well as what it could mean for us.

Out of all the hundreds (ok, maybe thats an exaggeration) of possibilities proposed and talked about among General Managers, about five have been confirmed and labeled as major priorities. These include deals that would acquire Washington Wizards forward Antawn Jamison, Indiana Pacers forward Troy Murphy, and the biggest and apparently the most desired prospect, Phoenix Suns Big man Stoudemire.

The deadline is the LAST CHANCE to amp their rosters up for playoff/ championship contention, prepare for early stages of rebuilding (buying out contracts or clearing up cap space for a draft pick etc.). It's pretty obvious that, based on the level Ferry and Co. seem to be pursuing him, Amar'e is what will get the Cavs over the Lakers. In the end this is what it's about. We all know the implications that were created when this team got formed in the beggining of last season. And what it was when we pull Shaq in. We ain't playin around. It's a championship, or its nothing.

Stoudemire is a well known entity in the league. He's coming off of one of his best seasons in which he played with O'neal in Phoenix. He averaged 21 points as well as 8 rebounds. While this trade doesn't inherit much talent that would would be given the Suns' way, the trade will open up space for some possiblilities in terms of the off-season. But we don't care about them. It's about that status of our Cleveland Crew! That trade deadline is Thursday. As much skepticism as theres been, there is alot of positive thoughts and feelings of assurance that this trade WILL go down.

Now I always have to put my view on here!

Like I say, the organization has made it blatantly obvious that Stoudemire is the caliber player Cleveland needs to finally get over that hump and back to the finals. Amar'e is a BEAST!! I would welcome him with open arms....if he wasn't so dependant on the ball being in his hand. Now theres nothing wrong with that. He's most effective in that regard. I just don't think thats what we need. We will not be able to function very well using the same system applied when He and Shaq were in Phoenix. In the event that this trade does go down, we will have to see what happens.

Honestly, although he wasn't a feature mention in here, I think Jamison would be a perfect fit for us. He puts almost the same type numbers, and I feel he'd be more open to a role-oriented gameplan. But thats just me.


  1. Stoudemire is a beast down low. On ESPN they were talking about where he could go. The two best places that would best fit for him was Clev. And Heats. They said that because they think it will help keep the bigger players stay with them. For clev. In was Lebron and for the Heats it was Wade. They thought that if they get him they big stars on the team would stay. I will go with you and say that Jamison would be a better fit for the Cavs. He has the same stats as Stoudemire and would possible help the better to win the championship.

  2. I kno rite!? While Stoudemire has work on the 18 foot jumper and a lil beyond, Jamison has that and gives us another court-stretching threat outside the perimeter. Its really weird too because they went and got Jamison!! It's official! I can't wait to see how this unfolds!!

  3. Well, you called it Shooter. Jamison's a Cav. I'm just psyched that the Bulls have cleared cap room for next year. Now we need to cultivate a little interest on behalf of Mr. Dwayne Wade to come home.

    I like how you keep up on your comments, by the way.

    Great post! This blog is really shaping up!

  4. Y thanks Mr. B! Yea I think derrick rose/ D-wade would be an awesome back court foundation. Definately lookin' forward to this off-season.