Monday, February 8, 2010

Trade Deadline talk

There are about three major prospects on the Cavalier roster that can legitimately be called out for trade talk, but I'm gonna focus in on one critical one. Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

I keep on hearing a lot on these boards about how it would be a shame to trade Z and how the only way Ferry should trade him is if he is guaranteed to return via a buyout. That's one way to look at it, but there is more to it than the emotional aspect. Most of us love Z. He's been here for his entire career. He could have taken the easy way out and walked away from it all a millionaire. Instead, he had massive surgery on his foot so he could play again. And since then he's done so much for us.

Nobody is questioning the man's heart or loyalty. I'm a big Z fan and really appreciate what he has done for this team.

Having said that, it is the job of the General Manager to make the team as strong as possible. With an owner like Dan Gilbert who has essentially provided Ferry with an open check book, I feel that balking at a trade offer that involves Z without the buyout would be doing this franchise a huge disservice.

I have 2 major concerns about the idea of not trading Z:

  1. This is really it: Z's expiring contract is the last opportunity to improve the team before the 2011-2012 season. Going into next season, the Cavs have about 50.5 million on the books. That money does not include Z or Shaq's contracts. While the Cavs do have Bird Rights on both of those guys, do we really want to move forward into THE summer of 2010 with (at best) a front line rotation of Z, Shaq, JJ and Andy? There is little in way of salary cap space or expiring contracts until after next season
  2. It is Ferry's job to improve the team: Like I said, this is really the last big opportunity to imrove the Cavs before the summer of 2010. Z's contract (which is 75% paid plus a 2 million dollar trade kicker) is a very attractive asset to many rebuilding teams. We all appreciate what Z has done for the Cavs, but he is not getting any younger. Being loyal to Z in 2010 won't do much for me or the fan base if the Cavs fail to reach the finals again. That trade asset will be long gone.
  1. What to do next? Knowing the lack of cap space and tradeable assets, how do you propose Danny Ferry improve the Cavs this summer when they are going to try and convince LeBron that Cleveland is the best place for him to be if he wants to win championships
  2. The Cavs will need bigs: The Cavs will either retain Z and Shaq this summer because of their Bird Rights. Even if they do so, is that really what the bigs rotation that we want moving forward?

I also want to throw in there that I firmly believe that, as constructed, this Cavs team has what it takes to win it all this year. In light of that my concern is not this year. My concern is the short-term and long-term future of this franchise.


  1. I don’t know a whole lot about basketball. I understand the main roles but I don’t know any of the players. I really like how your broke it down to a list, with the two major concerns about the idea for not trading Z. After reading this I don’t think they should trade him. I agree it is a bad idea. He has done a lot for the team. I also loved how you wrote “It is ferry’s job to improve the team”. Like he did have a huge opportunity to help his team but he did not. I think Cleveland also wants LeBron to say because they make so much money off of him. The whole city of Cleveland does.

  2. I’m with you on Z. They shouldn’t trade him. He has been with the Cavs all those years and he should stay. If they keep him and Shaq they will be on top next year. It would be a bad idea to trade Z; he has done a lot for the Cavs. If they keep Z, Shaq, and especially LeBron it will help Cleveland out. If they stay together they can win many more championships .

  3. i disagree with keeping Z. unless im missing something i think he is crap on defense. he can never get back on time to make a play, and when i watch some of the games he seems to miss blocks. i dont watch a lot of Cavs ball as i would like but when i do it seems that Z is just a waste of space on the court. i understand that hes been there through the good and the bad but in my opinion hes just bad. like you said "it is ferrys job to improve the team" and i think he should keep his options open and try and pick up a stronger player on the defensive end.

  4. It seems to me like Shooter's in favor of trading Z for the right deal.

    Remember the free agent class coming this next year; you want as much money off the books as possible. I know that's what all the talk about the Bulls has been (and prompting the decision for not re-upping Gordon).

    Two quick things:
    1. Links? Good places for them include I keep on hearing a lot on these boards about how it would be a shame to trade Z and Bird Rights.

    2. I think the second numbered list right after the first one is confusing.

    That said, this post looks like the person who wrote it has been blogging for a while. Well done, sir.

  5. Yea, I guess I am lol. Its just been frustrating after the 2007 season being right there. We OBVIOUSLY werent ready then, but ever since then we've been in the Eastern Finals. I just want us to win one man! I believe we need even more radical changes than whats been done so far.

  6. I don’t know a whole lot about basketball even though I played for a couple years when I was younger. Although I listen to my friend Avry talk about the Cav’s all the time. She really likes a couple of the guys on the team. But I do know that for any sports team it would be a major loss to lose a valuable player, when the team is getting to be really strong. A few guys in sports like Z are really getting up there in age for players. So eventually something is going to happen, and the team will need a good player to fill the spot.