Monday, March 8, 2010

Cavaliers 85 Bucks 92 (Or the game LeBron sat out for the first time)

LeBron has been amazing all season has he not? Of course, and if you don't think so: quite frankly you're an idiot. So why not give him a break for once right? He's only played in all previous 63 games: One would say he deserves it.

That's what the Cavs did Saturday night when they traveled to Milwaukee to play the Bucks(33-29) . Although the primary reason for James' sit-out was indeed rest, a minor ankle turn in a previous game against the Detroit Pistons served as another factor over the weekend. Jawad Williams, who has been playing pretty well as of late, was rewarded with the starting opportunity. I you recall, Williams is the man who got called up from the developmental league with a 10 day contract and ended up impressing the organization enough to earn a spot on the roster.

With Lebron in street clothes, the team struggled early despite coming into the game being the leagues best first quarter team. They only scored 14. While scoring was a problem early on, Antawn Jamison showed up second quarter on up: scoring 30 points to lead both teams and piled up a team high 11 boards. Delante West was the other Cavalier to help lead the rally with 27 points of his own. Even while have two power offensive performances (which is usually how the wine and gold get it done) free throws down the streatch proved as a vital killer. They only converted 62 percent of their 16 attempted foul shots. A 15-4 bucks run sealed the deal and ended the game at 92-85.

That's the recap of our Cleveland Cavaliers' first game without The King. I thought the game was winnable with Jamison has the primary scorer: inparticularly against this team. They aren't bad, but then again, they aren't the cream of the crop either. One could however argue that being down two superstar caliber players is a tad much when one is able to play. I don't know. Questions, thoughts, or comments? Let's chat!

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  1. Such a weird thing, seeing the star in street clothes. No doubt he was itching to play.